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  • Title:Digest Submission Deadline has been Extended to May 31
  • Date:2023.05.16

Digest Submission Deadline has been Extended to May 31

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Digest Submission Deadline has been extended to

May 31, 2023

We decided by taking into account overwhelming demand and request from enormous number of prospective participants.

Take advantage of the extended deadline to submit your research!

Do not wait till the last minute and visit at www.icems2023.com to submit your digest.


  • All papers presented at ICEMS 2023 will be posted on IEEE Xplore and be cited El (Engineering Index).
  • The 20% of the presented papers will be selected for further review to be published in IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, more selected will be sent to Transactions of China Electrotechnical Society or IEEE Industry Applications Magazine.

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