2023 International Conference
on Electrical Machines and Systems



Early Bird Rates End

August 31, 2023

Registration Fee

Registration Fee

Time of issue:2022-11-27 20:15:11
Category Early-Bird Registration
Before August 31
Standard Registration
After August 31


RMB 4900/USD 700

RMB 5600/USD 800


(Member ID is required)

 RMB 4500/USD 650

RMB 5200/USD 750

(Picture of valid student ID in PDF format is required)

RMB 2500/USD 350

RMB 3200/USD 450

Fee Includes

All Technical Sessions, Reception, Conference Kit, Lunches, Banquet

Accompanying Person
(No presentation)
RMB 2000/USD 250
(Fee includes reception, lunches, banquet)
RMB 2000/USD 250
(Fee includes reception, lunches, banquet)
Technical Tour
(Choose only one between Gree Kaibang and University of Macau)
RMB 200/USD 30 RMB 200/USD 30


Requirement of Presentation


1. An additional RMB 350/USD 50 per page is required for papers over 6 pages, with a maximum of 8 pages.
2. At least one of the authors must make an application for registration by August 31, 2023 in order for their papers to be included in the program and proceedings of ICEMS 2023.
One Regular/Member registration is eligible to present maximum two papers with extra fee of RMB 2000/USD 250 for the second paper. Student registration isn't eligible to present papers. If student need to present paper, please register as Regular or Member (If you are).

4. Additional payment of RMB 200/USD 30 is required to participate in the Technical Tour. Only one can be chosen between Gree Kaibang and University of Macau. The maximum number of visitors is 30 for both Tours. If you want to participate, please register in a timely manner. Note that scholars from mainland China (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) need to prepare a Exit-Entry Permit in advance to visit the University of Macau.

Methods of Payment

Methods of Payment

Time of issue:2023-04-27 11:18:29

Overseas Account

Bank Transfer

Beneficiary Banker's Name: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Beijing Municipal Branch, Beijing, PRC


Beneficiary's Name: China Electrotechnical Society

Account No. : 0200003609200071767

Address: 10th Floor, Tianlian Building, No.102 Lianhuachi East Road, Xicheng District, Beijing 100055, China

Phone No. : +86-10-63256960

1. Please note "ICEMS 2023+Paper ID+Name"; if participants do not have a paper, please note "ICEMS 2023+No Paper+Name".

2. If an invoice is required, please send Name, Affiliate, Payment Certification, Paper ID/Title, and other information to the email "icems2023secretary@vip.163.com".

Domestic Account

Bank Transfer

户      名:  中国电工技术学会

开户银行: 工商银行北京礼士路支行

账       号: 0200003609089061350

1. 转账时请备注“ICEMS 2023+论文ID+姓名”;无论文参会者请备注“ICEMS 2023+无论文+姓名”。

2. 请在注册系统中填写完整的发票信息。增值税普通发票在会后2周内发送到您预留的电子邮箱;增值税专用发票在会后2周内寄出到您预留的地址(在10月22日前完成缴费并填写专票信息,可以现场领取)。

3. 缴费或发票信息如有疑问可联系汪老师(电话:010-63256933;手机:15122602562)。



Conditions of Payment

Requirement Payment

Time of issue:2022-11-27 20:58:41



●  ONLY VISA, MASTER, and JCB CARDS are ACCEPTABLE.Participants wishing to make card payment can settle the payment via online.

  Participants can make payment on any browser in WINDOWS,Except WiNDOWS, other PC environments (ex. MAC OS) are not posible due tothe security program installation.



  please note that fee has to be transferred under the registrant's name.

  Bank charges for remittance should be paid by registrants.

●  A copy of the bank remittance recelpt should be sent to the secretariat (icems2021korea @gmail.com).

  A direct bank transfer should be made to the account below.

●  Account Holder

●  Address of Account Holder

●  Account Number

●  Bank

●  Swift Code

●  Address of Bank

The Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers

Room #901, New B/D, Science & Technology Building, Teheran-ro 7-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea


KEB Hana Bank


126, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea


Confirmation (Receipt)

You will receive the confirmation email upon completion of registration. You may also download the receipt at "My Page".

※ please note that the receipt could be downloaded after your payment is confirmed by the secretariat.

Invitation Letter for Visa Application

An oficial invitation letter wil be sent by the Chair of CEMS 2021 upon request. This personal invitation is ntended to facitate rave and visa arranrements for reristered paricipantsVisa apolcations are the sole resonsblty of artciants. To reouest an ofidal invitation leter.participant should first complete the relstration proces. After complete the onlineregistration process, please send the invitation request form to the secretariat (icems2021korea @gmail.com).

Self-Quarantine Exemption Request for ICEMS 2021

If you need the information concering the self-quarantine exemption, please contact the secretariat (icems2021korea @gmail.com) for more information.

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Requirement Cancellation

Time of issue:2022-11-27 21:39:59
Cancellation before and including August 31 2021 50% refund ●  Cancellations or changes of registration should be sent in writing to the secretariat.
●  Registration fees will be refunded according to the policy.
Cancellation after September 1, 2021 No refund
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2022-11-27 21:55:58

China Electrotechnical Society (CES)


Tel:  010-63256997


Add: 10th Floor of Tianlian Building, 102 Lotus Pool  East Road, Xicheng District, Beijing

Huazhong University of Science 
and Technology (HUST)


Tel:  15071401001


Add: Luoyu Road No. 1037, Hongshan District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China


China Electrotechnical Society (CES)
Huazhong University of Science and Technology(HUST)