2023 International Conference
on Electrical Machines and Systems

PROGRAM>Conference Topic

Conference Topic

I Electric Machines and Field Analysis

01  Permanent Magnet Machines

02  Flux Modulation Machines

03  AC/DC Machines

04  Reluctance Machines

05  Multiphase Machines

06  Transformers and Power Apparatus

07  Linear Drives and Magnetic Levitations

08  Superconducting Machine

09  Special Machines and Actuators

10  Magnetics and Field Analysis

11  Noise, Vibration and Reliability

12  Loss, Thermal and Cooling

13  Other Areas in Electric Machines

II Motor Control, Drives

and Power Electronics

01  Motor Control and Motor Drives

02  Motion Control and Servo Systems

03  Sensorless Control

04  Automotive Power Electronics, EV Chargers,  V2G and Infrastructure

05  Power Converters

06  Reliability, Diagnostics and Tolerance

07  Power Electronic Devices (Si and Wide Band Gap) and Applications

08  Other Areas in Motor Drives and Power Electronics

III Energy Systems, E-Mobility 
and AI Convergence

01  Renewable Energy Systems

02  Batteries Modeling and Management Systems,
Energy Storage Systems

03  Smart Grids, FACTS and Microgrids

04  Hybrid/Electric Vehicles and Electric Propulsion Systems

05  AI Application for Electric Machine and Drive

06  Wireless Power Transfer System and Application

07  Other Areas in Energy Systems and E-Mobility

IV  Special Session

01  Flux Modulation Machines and Controls

02  Novel Reluctance Motors and Drives

03  High Magnetic Fields and their Applications

04  Related Technologies with Design and Control for High-Speed and High-Power-Density Machines

05  Linear Motors and Planar Motors

06  Electric Machines and Electromagnetic Devices Applied for the Fractional Frequency Transmission System

07  Advanced Design and Control of Fault-Tolerant Machine Systems

08  Electrical Machines for More/All Electric Aircraft

09  Emerging Multi-Port Electrical Machines and Systems

10  Operation and Control of Renewable Power Generation Systems under Grid Faults

11  Advanced Electrical Machines in Electrified Transportation

12  Cutting-Edge Drive Technology and Controller in Transportation Electrification

13  Novel Motor Drive Technologies for Robots and Autonomous Systems

14  Advanced Superconducting Electrical Machines and Systems 

15  Electric-Excitation Field-Modulation Machine System and its Applications

16  Research on Spherical Motors

17  Emerging Technologies for Multiphase Electric Machines Topology Design, Modulation, and High-Performance Control Methods

18  Wireless Power Transfer for Robotics

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